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Call for papers / Notification of Theme issues

Shima accepts submissions at any time on a variety of topics concerning island and maritime cultures. In addition, Shima regularly publishes theme issues and theme sections within general issues.

The following calls for papers are now open:

  • Special issue on Stories, Ballads and Island Narratives*

    Papers and/or proposals are welcome on (any aspect of) stories, story-telling, ballads and narratives related in other media concerning islands and/or maritime livelihoods.

    Final article submission deadline – November 30th 2017

    All inquiries to: Marea Mitchell (issue editor)

    [* This issue addresses the theme of the 13th International Small Island Cultures conference being held in Saint John’s (Newfoundland) in June 2017 (see – but is open for submissions beyond those attending the event.]

  • Special issue on Mermaids, Maritime Folklore & Modernity**

    Papers and/or proposals are invited on all aspects of mermaids and related entities in 19th-21st Century culture. Topics might include (but no be limited to):

    • Contemporary folk belief
    • Representations in popular culture and fine art
    • Cultural theory and interpretation
    • Aficionado cultures and/or cosplay
    • Sexualities and identification
    • International comparisons.

    Final article submission deadline – February 28th 2018

    All inquiries to: Philip Hayward

    [** This issue addresses the theme of the Island Dynamics conference being held in Copenhagen in October 2017 (see – but is open for submissions beyond those attending the event.]

  • Special issue/ Theme section on Ice, Islands and Icebergs

    • The melting Arctic and/or Antarctic and related issues
    • Icebergs as entities in various discourses and narratives (folklore, maritime-lore and history, shipping histories - as floating ecosystems etc.)
    • Aspects of islands when their surrounding waterways are iced-in
    • Ice covered islands - and various human uses and perceptions of these
    • The representation of ice covered islands, icebergs etc. in various media
    • The geopolitical importance of polar islands
    • Islands, icebergs and the polar expeditions (e.g. the search for the Northwest Passage and other Arctic Passages, the nineteenth-century expeditions in the Southern Ocean, etc.)
    • Polar island fictions, Arctic Robinsonades, narratives of survival etc.

    Final article submission deadline – November 30th 2018

    All inquiries to: Johannes Riquets: